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By Melissa Pocek, Correspondent
Posted Oct 01, 2009 @ 08:56 AM

At the Body + Soul magazine headquarters on Pleasant Street, a crew of sophisticatedly and casually dressed women and a few men work behind computers and share ideas while sipping cups of tea. Terri Trespicio is the senior editor at this magazine, which is focused on whole living, being green and reinforcing health practices through natural methods. She has spent her workdays in this office for the last five years.

Trespicio, 35, doesn’t hide her enthusiasm for working at Body + Soul.

“I’m in the fortunate position of being able to do what I love for a living,” she said. “I don’t work out of obligation to the boss. I work because I believe in what I do and I own it and will take all I learn with me wherever I go.”

That attitude is evident in the way she has mastered her own healthy practices, which include healthy eating habits, keeping a gratitude journal and practicing yoga. The Body + Soul team writes about Trespicio’s healthy practices, confirms the benefits with experts and publishes the results in the magazine. Like much of her past work, it is motivated by her own pleasure in what she does.

First trying her hand at professional creative writing, Trespicio worked as a copywriter for the nation’s largest wig distributor for women.

“I found opportunity in an unexpected place,” she said. She landed the copywriting position while finishing up her master of fine arts degree in creative writing at Emerson College.

The job taught her eagle-eyed skills necessary for becoming a contributing member of a creative team.

“I learned a lot there, about working with art and ... [how to] create and maintain a relationship with the customer and continue to come up with fresh ideas,” she said.

Once Trespicio felt that she had learned all she could within the position, she looked for other opportunities to apply her knowledge.

There is a level of honesty and directness about Trespicio that is immediately apparent and central to what people like about her when first meeting her. At 29, she went to interview at Body + Soul magazine.

“I looked around the room — then a small team of bookish editors — and said, ‘Do you know what kind of person you’re looking for with this editor position?’” said Trespicio. “‘Because if it’s someone very quiet and subdued, I’m probably not the person for you.’”

She recalled that the interviewers were tickled by the question. She was hired. Trespicio is well versed in the gift of gab. Her ability to communicate effectively with others has led her to becoming Body + Soul’s radio personality and most recently its television spokesperson.

The buy-up of Body+ Soul magazine by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia provided a chance for Trespicio to develop her energetic personality for live entertainment. Her reputation as the voice of Body + Soul came together when she became the prominent figure appearing on local and national television shows. She currently hosts the daily show “Whole Living” on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius XM and has given several guest appearances on “The Martha Stewart Show.”

Trespicio has also appeared on several occasions on the New England news station NECN for their Health Week segment, which promotes healthy living with topics ranging from stress management to healthy eating.

Trespicio’s personality may be the reason she is able to juggle so many tasks at once while collaborating with others. Along with freelance writing outside of the magazine, she teaches in the publishing certificate program at Boston University. She also contributed a story on traveling to the Bahamas in the book, “The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2009.”

Trespicio continues to find personal meaning and motivation through her work at Body + Soul, and this likely contributes greatly to her success.

“I think it’s too bad that people see ‘eating healthy’ as some kind of insufferable chore, a life of wheat germ and raw veggies,” she said. “As someone who embraces and practices a healthy lifestyle, I see food as an opportunity to make a healthy choice every day—but that does not in any way mean sacrifice to me. I see food and the process of eating, preparing or anticipating it as a sensual pleasure.”

This has to be the kind of enthusiasm that Trespicio’s readers and viewers find so inspiring.

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